Now for Something Completely Different: The Log Ride


ferris wheel
ferris wheel (Photo credit: hounddiggity)


I promised we’d continue talking about creative genius, this time with a few words about and by one of my heroes, poet William Stafford. But there is this thing called life which includes a pesky work schedule, and routine interruptions like groceries and doctor’s visits, so to keep you from being bored, and giving up on me, those of you not still poised on the edge of your blog seats, here is a bit of whimsy we filmed at Knobels Amusement Park nearby here in the hills of central Pennsylvania.





15 Replies to “Now for Something Completely Different: The Log Ride”

    1. Well, I am a mad wizard scientist. That part is true. But I am also an absent minded professor. You see I had a bunch of recordings of Brian’s music from his gig at the Venture Lounge, and so I failed to scroll down the next page and see that the videos were still there. I spliced them together then, which was where the mad wizard scientist part comes in.


  1. Colin, Without rephrasing there is plenty of jokes to make there 😉 Looks like fun, Although Cowardice strikes me whenever looking at these things in the flesh like at thorpe park near us. As you know David, My panics come when I least want them :/


    1. Actually, what’s funny is that while I dislike roller coasters (scare the shite outa me!), and other rides make me sea sick (yes, I’m getting old), I’ve never had a panic attack on or about a ride. I’m more likely to have one of those when I’m sitting still on a bus or getting up out of bed. Interesting. . .


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