The 400th Post, and a Poem I Wrote

It is probably against some sort of blogger etiquette to reblog your own post, but honestly this is the Dad Poet here, and tomorrow is Dad’s Day here in the US. So I am claiming special dispensation for a series of best-of reposts.
Sue me. 😉

David J. Bauman

Three reasons why being a dad is my favorite thing ever. Three reasons why being a dad is my favorite thing ever.

Assonance, it’s good for the heart as well as the ear. And it’s hard to resist sometimes, even in the title to a post. And this post is number 400. Talk about good for the heart! It seems like I’ve been at this longer, and technically I have, but those early days of writing here were extremely sporadic, with only a handful of posts that first twelve months.

It was a difficult time to say the least, five years ago and single again after a decade of coupledom. I’d had to give up the house that I’d been helping to pay for. I missed my garden, my kitchen, my home. Hard to imagine until you do it how it is to walk away from the path that you thought was the one you would follow to old age. And this…

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  1. marceltina says:

    Re blog away David….))) Happy Dad’s Day

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