The Next Four Years, a Song on the Barricades

Monday Music with Frank Turner

It’s getting late, so I’m going to keep this simple and save further writing on this topic for an upcoming post, probably the next one. For now, I just want to share a song that my son Micah shared with me the other night. It’s the perfect protest song but it’s also the perfect coping song for the sort of feelings many of us have had here in the United States since November. Frank Turner, a native of England, empathizes and in this new tune coaxes us along from disillusionment and hopelessness to activism and purpose.

The first version was from January 16th with a small gathering at a Holiday Inn in Morgantown, West Virginia. There is a whole intimate concert in that video that you might want to rewind and watch later, but the embedded video below will start you off just before the song in question. The second version is even better, not because it’s live on stage, but because the ending lyrics are even more precise and energized, not just hopeful, but determined. Spoiler alert: The phrase where I start cheering is “sand in the gears.”

Thank you for visiting us again, Mr. Turner. And thanks for the encouragement and fuel.


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