Music Monday with my BF and Frosty!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Ho, ho, hold me!

My sweetheart has been between keyboards for the last ten days, the keyboard on his computer and the keyboard on his . . . um, well, keyboard! It was brought to my attention that among the 12 days of Christmas, Christmas itself is only day #1 because the whole shebang doesn’t wrap up until January 6th, Epiphany. That’s the day they celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men at the manger.

Well, “they” and my late mother, who always insisted that we leave the tree (growing more rigid every day) and the lights up until January 6th. That’s really my only connection to Epiphany. I mean, what can I know, I’m a recovered Baptist?

But Brian has been getting more active on his YouTube channel lately, and he’s being a bit of a perfectionist, as usual. So, what follows is his not-quite-late seasons’ greeting on the piano, and hopefully, he’ll have one more ready for tonight. Already, some bone-headed humbug left a thumbs down on this video. What kind of jealous creep gives Frosty a thumb down? There’s an old rivalry with a young wannabe that I bet has raised his envious, green head. But just do me a favor. Follow the video over to Brian’s channel on YouTube. Give it a like there, and maybe make an encouraging comment. Subscribe to his channel even! Make my boy happy, because he makes me happy.

Meanwhile, happy day 6!

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  1. icefogger says:

    Happy New Year, David. All the best in ’19!

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    1. And to you too, friend!


  2. I loved his video and listening to it and seeing your two smiling faces makes me feel very happy this morning. Have a beautiful new year!

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  3. Aw, thank you for that, Deborah! May yours be gorgeous as well.


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