Have I Introduced You to the Other Poet in the Family?

You're filming a horse's what?
You’re filming a horse’s what?

Yes, I have three sons.

One is the Compassionate Scholar.

The second is the Bohemian Musician.

And the youngest is the Irascible Writer.

Each is different, and each possess a killer, nearly subversive sense of humor. Alas, I cannot fathom its origin.

For the moment, only the writer has a WordPress blog (that I know of), and. . . well, let’s just say their mother and I succeeded in instilling a sense of confidence and self-worth. Ah hem.  .  .

His last couple of posts are meant to illustrate his editing process. He is certain you’ll be mesmerized. I decided I had to share this link, since he wished me a happy birthday on it yesterday, and he was so very demanding.

A quick and breezy draft.

8 Replies to “Have I Introduced You to the Other Poet in the Family?”

  1. Yes, one does wonder where they get their subversive sense of humor from… can’t begin to imagine where….

    And, he is quiet brilliant at the poetry thing, isn’t he?


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